Francis Hatch Awards
Best of New England (AIGA)
Communication Arts, Design Annual
The Mead Show

My illustrations have no restraint, why should your ideas?

Illustrations bursting with so much energy, they can barely be held back by two dimensions. Storyboard drawings will be translated to film; my goal is to bridge that gap with so much movement, it won't take much imagination for your client to visualize the finished result.

Personality and humor are always close to the surface of my work, whether they are comps that make your vision clear, or finished linework that bounces across the page with abandon.

My 20-plus years of experience in the freelance market has enhanced my mind-reading skills; listening to the things your clients need, and hearing the things you didn't realize you needed to get across. I try to bring something at the party that adds to your own concepts, and art directors know they can depend on my design skills to compliment their own...And if you're looking for a few new ideas, I'm never shy about proffering a few of mine.

The handlettering you see on these pages is also available, tailored to your needs.

My greatest fear in life is being bored; new challenges and working in different styles keep things exciting. Give me your wild hairs, your vague inklings, your huddled stick-figures yearning to breathe free!

(Nothing beats the sheer sensuality of pencil on paper! )


Arnold Worldwide
Sarah Micheals Cosmetics
RDW Group
National Park Service
Ruby Tuesday
Park Pictures
Ocean Spray
Weymouth Design
Velocity Advertising
Connolly Partners

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